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How to Find Good Painting Contractor for you in Dubai

painting contractor dubai

If you guys are looking for good painting contractor dubai quality painting services in Dubai? then you must know a few things like

1. You are dealing with a Dubai government registered contractor because most of the time they create a website or post adds on different classified sites like dubbizzle Dubai classified etc to cheat customers actually they are not legal contractors they are working as freelancer so you are at risk of your money and safety of your house kids and so on so be careful as I am working in so we hear these problems so often from our customers and why customer got hocked because they offer very cheap price and fake promise for professional job so never trust them and most of them don’t have a legal visa and emirates id’s so even if you want to complain still it’s not easy to do even you do police will ask you agreements receipts and why you allowed illegal person to your house may create trouble for you and your family.

2. You are receiving clear with all your concerns regarding painting in the professional quote and it should be in the form of an agreement painting contractor dubai.

3. Don’t give any advance payment with a proper company receipt.

4. And you must check what paint they using on painting day is same the mention in the quote because they give you a price for good paint and provide low quality paint on the painting day so be aware.

5. If you are not doing complete full painting then you are getting charge for only moving out apartment painting services or moving out villa painting services only not full painting services because for moving out painting normally only holes and cracks filling and one coat of paint same brand such as Jotun paint is enough then you are getting charged for 3 or 2 coats of paint so think about it painting contractor dubai.

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