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Dear Value Customers, we are starting new Question and Answer Section where you can ask you painting related Questions and we will reply by e-mail if still have any questions please send to dubaifixit@gmail.com or you can whats app one 0559181592 or you can even call directly on 0566672688 we are also going to publish most frequently asked question (FAQ) here in this page we will update this page every possible time so please don’t hesitate to ask any question regarding painting or any other maintenance or your home.

Q2. how much does it cost to paint a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai?

Answer: Normally we charge 850AED with jotun paint if the color is white or off-white if you want different colors then we will add 250 per extra color but for other colors, we always negotiate a price according to the number of colors and area.

Q4. Do you guys protect floor and mask doors and windows farms?

Answer: Yes exactly we do protect every single place where we concerned it may effect by paint drops we cover with polythene sheets and painters tapes and some time with special fabric.

Q.6. So many peoples asking for painting cost in Dubai?

Answer: I am posting all prices on this page https://dubaifixit.com/painting-services-dubai/ kindly visit for all prices related question thanks.

Q.8 Hi I am Godana Residential Painter from Africa and looking for a job in Dubai can you please help?

Answer:Hi Godana yes we need to hire good professional residential Painters but the only thing is a person on visit visa and also certify from jotun applicator certified can apply for the job and he must have high school degree and basic English if you meet these requirements then you can contact our team else don’t waste your time.

Q.10 I am Kim live in Dubai marina do you provide residential painting services near me?

Answer: Yes Kim if you visit dubaifixit.com main page you can check details of locations we serve but mostly we offer services in Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah lakes towers(jlt), Arabian Ranches, spring meadows, Mirdif, and all over Dubai so call the salesperson 0566672688 to get best painting services in dubai.

Q.12 Do you also provide Marine interior painting services ??

Answer: Sorry but we do only Walls and Ceiling and Wooden furniture doors for boats and Marine type of painting I can refer you personally but no responsibilities for anything.

Q.14 Who is responsible for painting landlord or tenant Dubai?

The tenant is responsible for the painting apartment or villa or even commercial place office or shop.

Q.16 Do you guys do curtains fixing also?

Yes, we do all types of curtains fixing services in dubai on affordable prices all curtains from IKEA home center Dragan mart even we have an interior section for Customized Curtains and Blinds also for that section you can call directly 056 267 9002 to ours sales person Mr. Anwar.

Q.18 How much does it cost to paint a room in Dubai?

It’s depends on the room size and condition also needs to consider what color you want to paint and what is it’s currently painted but for gernal idea if it’s apartment room and you need white or off-white color with jotun paint will cost you around 550AED and normal size villa room aprox 850 but it’s always depend on all conditons.

Q.20 How much does it cost to hire someone to paint?

It’s recommened to read above 18 and 17 to clearify this as well but you should know so many thinks to be consider for cost paint area what color and materials you want and quality you like and codition and size of painting area you want.

Q.20 Why you clam to be best painting services in dubai?

This is something I don’t want to answer my self that we are the best painting services in Dubai but what I can tell you is that we have experienced certified painters and we are affordable at the same time so only these 2 factors make us near to this statement that we are best painters in dubai.

Q1. how much does it cost to paint a 2 bedroom apartment in Dubai?

Answer: Normally we charge 1200AED with jotun paint if the color is white or off-white if you want different colors then we will add 250 per extra color but for other colors, we always negotiate a price according to a number of colors and area.

Q3. Is the above cost including painting ceilings also?

Answer: Most of the time there is no need to paint ceilings but if there is require to paint ceilings then we charge 150 for one bedroom and 250 for 2 bedroom apartment extra will be charged and for villas, we will charge a different price.

Q5. Do you guys clean after the painting is done?

Answer: Normally cleaning not required so much cleaning as we properly protect everything but if there are some drops on floor or window farm or any other place then we clean it up and the floor is also cleaned we always do after paint cleaning.

Q.7 Hi I am a Real estate agent and I have good clients Is your Company is professional residential painting services I have the royal family clients I need fully professional Work??

Answer: Yes we are the best residential painting services in Dubai and all the painters are professional and have years of experience you can trust us to call the sales person ” 0566672688″ his name is Mazhar or you can what app your information directly here”0559181592″ thanks.

Q.9 Do you also provide Kitchen Cabinet paint services for homes also?

Answer: Yes We offer Expert kitchen cabinet paint services for homes and offices kindly call the salesperson ” 0566672688″ his name is Mazhar or you can what app your information directly here”0559181592″ thanks.

Q.11 I live in Ajman need villa painting do you have painters near me?

Answer: we do villa painting services only in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and ras al khaima, for now, Ajman is not served by our company when we start I will let you know for sure for now sorry.

Q.13 What is the best Painting Services in Dubai?

Answer: A lot of peoples ask on different forums about this question so I decided to post here also dubaifixit.com offers “best painting services in Dubai” because we offer best quality professional painters at affordable charges especially when your leaving the house and don’t want to pay so much for the painting to get your deposit.

Q. 15 Security deposit refund for Dubai?

If you need your security deposit back then you have to paint your apartment or villa in the same color as it was before when you start renting and the same condition to get your security deposit refund from your landlord.

Q.17 Do you guys do Wallpaper Supply and Apply?

Yes, we do all types of wallpaper installation in dubai but there is seprate department for wallpaper sales you can visit our albarshah office in Rasis Business Center 4th Floor office 06 just ask for Imperial Collection there are all types of wallpapers samples available there but please make sure call 0566672688 before going there because staff is busy for outside customers visits with samples and installations mostly because we are offering free visit serivces with samples at your home without any charges so insted of coming customer mostly call us at their places.

Q.19 How much do painting services cost?

Mostly you thnink that painting services cost also charged per hours basis like most cleaning companies and handman services charge normally but it’s not the case in painting where you have to pay basis the job and what painting materials and paint color you choose but for idea you have to pay minimum order price 450AED

Q.21 How much is painting per hour?

Please reade Q.17 for this but we have done some calculationsread for our customers keep asking the same question a professional painter charge from 35AED to 50AED per hour without materials painters that’s can work fast as well as professional work even some design painters charging 120AED per hour. Best Painting Services in Abu Dhabi.